For six years I have been honored to represent the people of Raleigh and Summers Counties in
the House of Delegates from the 27th District. I have worked diligently to bring about positive
changes to improve the quality of life so families can stay together in our great state. As you
legislator, I have always tried to be accountable; realizing that decisions made in Charleston ha
an impact on the lives of those I represent.

I co-sponsored Logan's Law to protect children from sexual predators; supported protecting the
unborn; adding more children to the CHIPS program and providing insurance for those with
pre-existing conditions that could not get health coverage.

While West Virginia has one of the largest senior populations in the country, it is imperative that
we continue to address legislation to provide economic relief and curtail further tax increases on
those with fixed incomes. I supported giving seniors the option of deferring property tax
increases until the property is sold or inherited, co-sponsored legislation to increase the
homestead exemption and the elimination of state taxes from pensions. Seniors contribute so
much to our communities that West Virginia should be that state where people want to spend
their retirement years.

As a retired teacher of 34 years in the Raleigh County School System, I know our children must
have quality education from kindergarten through college. They need to be prepared  with 21st
century skills to compete in a national and international job market. Educational programs offered
in high schools must align with those offered in post-secondary colleges and universities and be
accessible and affordable. I support and continued funding for the Promise Scholarship.

Several business tax reductions have been passed to increase job growth and stimulate business
investment in the state. New businesses create job opportunities providing families with a stable
income so that they can stay in West Virginia. I promote securing jobs for legal West Virginians
and the protection of property owner's rights. Funding for law enforcement and fire departments
are necessary in protecting our communities.

I have taken my commitment to serving the 27th district seriously. I understand that taxpayer's
money is the people's money and received the Friend of Taxpayer Award given by the West
Virginians Against Government Waste.

Although I am in Charleston for the legislative session and interim committee meetings, I am
accessible to the constituents of the 27th district year round. I have had the opportunity to
address concerns with many people of Raleigh and Summers Counties during my six years of

My major committee is Education (Minority Vice-Chair). Minor committees are Health and
Human Resources, Political Subdivisions (Minority Chair) and Veterans Affairs and Homeland
Security (HS Minority Vice-Chair).

I believe it is necessary for everyone to work together to secure a bright and prosperous future for
West Virginians. More work needs to be done and I pledge to continue my effort in representing
you in Charleston. I ask for you support and your vote.

Linda Sumner
House of Delegates, 27th District
Working for you at Home and in Charleston
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